Our Vision is simple.

God is front and center of all we do. With that same love and passion, we are committed to giving you the best vision technology can offer, combined in the most comfortable, luxurious and fashionable eyewear available.

Our approach starts with perfect vision and ends with custom, luxurious and fashionable eyewear that won’t go unnoticed.

Luxury Design

Our Client deserves excellence.

Therefore we invest in great talent and luxury designers from all over the world in order to deliver not only the look, but also comfort, style, and your best vision.

We want to create an experience from the moment you walk in until the moment you walk out with your new beautiful eyewear.

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Custom Lenses

Every set of eyes is unique; as are our lens designs. With our HD Lens Technology we are able to accommodate every prescription in any range. We use cutting edge lens technology and designs that allows us to customize every patient’s prescription, resulting in your best possible vision.

Now Offering Sarasota Eye Exams

Dr. Denise LaShell, Doctor of Optometry, Recently joined the Moon & Company Eyewear team to provide the highest quality comprehensive eye exams in Sarasota.

She is a precise refractionist providing high quality eye care for the entire family. Give us a call to schedule your Sarasota eye examination today!

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