Sarasota Comprehensive Eye Exams
Eye Exams

We cover the whole spectrum when it comes to eye examsFrom simple a simple Refraction to Glaucoma.

State of the Art

Our Lab Technician and partner has 10+ years of experience in the industry. Our LAB equipped with the most advanced technology that allows us to accurately personalize lenses to any prescription in a timely manner. Your lenses are usually personalized and delivered within days.

Sarasota State of the Art LAB
Sarasota Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

We are affiliated with many optical labs; which gives us the flexibility to order any product our patients need.

Experience HD Vision without glasses. 

HD Lens Technology

Each Eye is unique. That is why we give them the personalized attention they require. Our HD Lenses are designed with the latest technology to give you the uniform, crystal clear vision you deserve.

See your World through our ultra-thin HD Lenses.

Sarasota HD Lens Technology
Sarasota Designer Frames
Designer Frames

Our goal is to offer our patients the best vision possible, but why not also look your best? We carry some of the most prestigious eyewear brands in the world. 

Come in and let us uncover your new you.


We carry the world’s most advanced lens technology; HD Vision. This ensures the most accurate vision possible. We specialize in High Plus and High Minus prescriptions and all our lenses are personalized.

High Definition Vision-See Your Best.

Sarasota Prescription Eyewear
Sarasota Golf Lenses and Sunglasses
Golf Lenses and Sunglasses

A golfer’s peripheral vision is extremely important when they are lining up to take a swing. Focus is necessary on the ball, in the distance and every object in between. Our Golf Lenses are a crucial tool on the greens. 


Polarized Sunglasses remove BLINDING GLARE! CASE CLOSED!

Sarasota Polarized Sunglasses
Sarasota Computer Office Lenses
Office Lenses

With today’s technology we are capable of designing a progressive lens that is to be used strictly at your desk or intermediate distances. 

These lenses contain special filters (blue light blockers) that decrease your risk of many eye anomalies such as eye fatigue, macular degeneration, cataracts, and sometimes blindness. 

If you sit at a computer more than a few hours a day this lens is a MUST.