About Us


The idea of Moon & Co Eyewear began one special night at a women’s Christian event; “Fierce”. There was a team of very empowering women speakers who changed my life forever. It gave me the courage I lacked to expand and become who the Lord wanted me to be.

My first optical job was at Lens Crafters in Estero Florida, where I met Ly.  I worked at the forefront of the store and  Ly was a lab tech surfacing and cutting lenses. Ly impressed me with her craftsmanship and love for what she did in that lab.  My stay at LCs was very short, but our friendship continued through the years.

After eight months at LCs, I started working at Spectacles of Naples, where I met three of the industry’s finest master opticians and the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever known. This is where I learned that my job was not to just sell fashionable glasses; my job was to sell vision.  Nothing brought me more joy and reward than when my patient said, “OMG!! I can SEE!!!”. 

I had no expectations starting this job, and opening my own optical was the furthest thing from my mind. I thought this would be just another job, but little did I know it would change my life. Now had the knowledge, the courage and the passion to venture out and create my own boutique with that service standard in mind.

"Once I realized how rewarding it was for me every time somebody came in and they said, 'Look at me, I can finally see! I haven't been able to see this well in years!', that became my target."
- Fatima Moon

Suddenly ideas starting coming to mind. What the store would look like, wall colors,  what music I would play, atmosphere, furniture,  the lab, the exam room, all of it!  I wanted to evoke a feeling of professionalism and quality the second you walk in,  but also one of love and welcome.

"In the beginning it was just an image that I had installed in my mind, as things started coming together it was like a painter painting the things that I imagined in the right place"
- Fatima Moon

As you walk into Moon & Co eyewear your eyes can’t help but to scan the room at all the beautiful eye art on display. The eyewear is art.  The atmosphere is calm and sophisticated, and the style is contemporary, with an European feel. The light grey wood floors, the contemporary furniture, the grey scale walls, and black leather chairs set the tone for the beautiful eyewear pieces on the shelves. The main attraction in the store is truly the eyewear, but everyone love the butter yellow love seat. 

The eyewear collection ranges from Channel to Cartier. Moon & Co eyewear is also equipped with a State of the Art Finishing Lab. Here every lens is customized to the client’s preferences, parameters and specifications. Lastly, to make it a complete optical experience, Moon & Co also has a full time Optometrist.  With 30 years of optical experience, Dr Giardina provides comprehensive eye exams, and specializes in contact lenses

The Partnership

I wanted Ly in my lab.  Aside from an honest and kind loving heart, she is patient and pays attention to detail and she had been in the lab 10 years.  We met for dinner one night and I told her my plan. She loved it  and felt honored at the offer, but leaving her family was not a decision she was ready to make.  I knew how good she was and I wanted that kind of craftsmanship in my store; so I offered her partnership in the company.  After a long and hard discussion with her family, she finally agreed on the partnership.

Why Sarasota?

The hardest part of the entire process was finding the location….so I thought.  I had been working for Spectacles five years. I built a very nice client base, that I knew would follow me. Naples is a very small town, no matter where I opened shop, I would be competing against them. In honor of my love and appreciation for them, I sold my house and moved to Sarasota.  I would like to take credit for that move but I can not. This was an eminent move and I knew it. I got in my car one Sunday afternoon and my car drove North on 75, left on Fruitville Rd and straight to my beautiful location, known today as Moon & Company Eyewear. 


Fatima Moon

Optician, Owner, spent five years working in an upscale optical boutique in Naples Florida, with three master opticians.
“I fell in love with the industry when I realized that I was not only selling glasses and fashion, I was selling vision."

Dr John Giardina

Optometrist, Graduated from the Pensylvania College of Optometry has focused mos of his 30 years of practice in providing Comprehencive Vision care, Advanced Contact Lenses care and Diagnoses & Treatment of Eye disease.



Optician, Business Partner, has been a lab technician for Lens Crafters for eleven years. Her history and skills in edging is unsurpassable. 
“I love what I do and am proud to be doing it in this beautiful city of Sarasota.”